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Teamwork makes the dream work


“Teamwork makes the dream work” many of you have heard that phrase and it rolls around in almost every office to uplift your staff during the day. One of the main questions proposed in an interview is “how do you work with a team” and your answer is always positive. Employers want to ensure you can grow and build with a strong and determined team that can sustain a healthy atmosphere for everyone. This term plays a very important part in your career and being able to adapt in a new enviroment follows along.

You have to be honest with yourself by understanding the true definition of how teamwork is valuable to you. Adapting is not as easy for everyone as it may seeem and once you begin to analyze those surrounding you it may lead you to possibly becoming extremely judgemental causing stress and anxiety in your work environment. Teamwork is applied in various ways including daily or weekly group meetings, taking into consideration each staff’s opinion and creative ideas while remembering to delegate accordingly. By utilizing these tools it will allow you to build a genuine rapport and find comfort in working with a team.

What expectations do you have as an employee and what is going to make you continue to trust that you can build a future with your employer by being a team player?

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