How do you classify yourself in today’s society

In today’s society, most of us are searching for the right job? The best job and off course the highest paid position! Graduating from college or university with the expectations of an immediate lucrative and long-term placement. We have to remind ourselves to set realistic and short-term goals by structuring the correct method to attain our target and not lose focus.

It is very easy to search online for your next job, but it is just as easy to lose the opportunity if your resume is not appealing to the employer. I am focussing on resume tips this month as we have jumpstarted into a new year with new resolutions.

Going back to those high school days where many of us had the time to focus on our education and extra curricular activities, while other students were taught discipline and responsibility by applying for your first job at a young age. Let’s be honest, resume building, correct word formatting, job duties and references were not our expertise. We followed basic guidelines from our parents, siblings, teachers and even friends to create a profile that strongly described who we are and what our abilities can be. Take some time and look back at your very first job on your resume? We have all adjusted, edited, deleted and rewrote content numerous times while continuing to evolve in our career over the years. However, you need to ask yourself, when you are about to apply for that job posting does your resume match the description and qualifications listed? Are you exhausted of searching and the moment you come across a keyword that matches your resume, you apply anyways?

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