Always Be Prepared

Interviewing requires seeking your true passion and confidence in yourself. Think about how you build and maintain a relationship with a friend, partner or family member.

You have to open up to allow the other individual to understand who you are and what will you gain from the relationship.

When preparing for an interview you should focus on building a rapport and leaving a positive impression as this will compel the interviewer to learn more about who you are and how will you be an asset to the company.

Here are 3 tips to consider when completing a telephone interview:

1. If Human Resources contacts you by email to arrange a phone interview, ensure you have researched the company before your scheduled call.

2. Keep in mind you may be asked a few behavioural questions. Do not be afraid to familiarize yourself with some basic questions found online.

3. Ensure you have slept well and you are alert with no distractions around you while on the call. You will be surprised how pure and genuine a smile on the other line can be perceived.

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